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 Synapsis in the Memory of the Soul 

7 x 4.5 x 4.5 in. (closed)

Lithography, letterpress, digital printing

Wood, cardboard, Mulberry and Stonehenge

Boxes and map foldings

The book is contained in a big box, inside there are three smaller boxes. Each box contains a poem and a lithograph, they fold out. 

The poems are mirror translated from Spanish to English.

Behind the Sea

Inside the Mountain

In a little town of the Soul

In a little town of the Soul



After building islands in my soul

With gardens that I watered every day,

Castles made of sea

With foundations of fish,

And a woman of salt

That I never got to touch


I found myself driving down a road


A very fine route with sharp curves

Where the sea and the mountain flirt

On the way to that sanctuary in the coast of the soul

There is a little town called “Caruao”


In that town there is a river

And up that river a well

A well of the inner flame

That grows in between guavas 


I immersed myself in that river of guavas


Contemplated syncopated trumpets

And crossed drums

In the bottom there was a noisy light

That left me blind and deaf


Some people call it “Duende”,

Others call it “Muse”;

I call it “Caruao”,

A little town hidden

In the tropical coast of the soul.

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