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 Navigational Floating

Navigational Floating

8.5x5.5 in.

Velum, Somerset, Eucalyptus paper

Pamphlet stich

As a consequence of human overpopulation, the air turned white, which caused our two poles to dissolve, and both polar bears and penguins were melting.


A protest rose in the tectonic plates, because islands would all drown to death.


So, we decided to leave the earth and float away, well, at least we were saving pure pieces of Gaia in the skies.

In the middle of us, a giant floating sphere of ocean that sympathized with our cause lived, his name is Gerald.

He brought with him Atlantic Salmons, Bluefin Tunas and Mahi-mahis that were about to be extinct by human nets.

We floated like a formation of geese, but instead of a “V”, we voted to navigate in the shape of a giant pineapple, we had good training in symbolism, each one of us had read the words of Roland Barthes.

Mangos had become anchors, they hanged from each one of us islands to keep us from floating into outer space. 

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