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6.5x5.2x1.5 in.

Variation of an accordion structure with different folds and cuts.

Lithography, letterpress and digital print

Stonehenge, Eggshell, Canson, Velum

 The moon had imprisoned the rhythm of his kazoo.


Orpheus was never the same, he would have to rewrite the scales of the pentagram, into new lunar scales, create a complete conscious engagement to comprehend thoroughly his imprisonment, and eventually, once again sing the words of his own salsa song.

     The traveler knew about the tides, how the dance of the moon not only influences the external oceans, but also the internal ones.

He remembered building a coral city with her, meticulously placing each piece of coral next to and over each other; the structure was complex and delicate, it was the child of a love affair between orange red coral and green boats. It can make you think of Lemuria, or maybe Atlantis, but this City of Coral Stadiums was in a far hypothetical future.

The city is in constant motion, it navigates round in the shape of a spiral, and sinks when the moon is too close. Only around deep waters, this time of year, when the moon is far, you can maybe see the city’s shadow on the horizon.

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