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 Hypothetical Futures

Schillerpalais Art Lab

Berlín, 2017


2 cassettes, one radio, a map,

a time line,

one walkman and  documents

from the future

Collaborate work with Victoria Ordway

In a Post-Anthropocene future 4 narratives take place.

A timeline is projected into a new geological epoch called The Gaiacene.


As the ocean rises, an old couple starts traveling on boat. They live anchored to their old house in Peru. Each day they pick up books that float to the surface from his granfather’s former bookshelves. They observe the fish and how the fish now resemble all the neighbors they use to know.


In a Chinese city, a local is lost in between the smog. The smog covers all and he listens to a narrator that guides him through it.


Earth is reborn and freed from human leaches. A scientist explores the new flora. Japanese coral that breaded with green boats, and a curious paste that can resurrect any tree.


A sailor explores the new world. The new cities are made of coral. Atlantis had been hiding in this future and was never part of the past.

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