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 The Round River 

San Francisco Art Institute

San Francisco, 2018

15 x 3 m

Mural; india ink and pencil

My dearest honey salmon,


In this new world of cellophane oceans and plastic trees, it has become implausible for me to live, the concept of home has disappeared from my soul. I am haunted every second by the shadow of this invisible house.

I have decided to become a pirate and join the diaspora of tropical islands that sail into the cosmos in the search of a new thing they may call home.

Even though I referred to it as sailing, they actually call their motion Navigational Floating. It is impressive how they communicate with each other; it is through a connection found in the roots of their palm trees, they call it The Wood Wide Web. I have to admit, I don’t completely understand them.

There are waterfalls and reverse-waterfalls that flow through the islands in a circle, this phenomenon is openly known as The Round River.


I hope one day we meet in a corner of the galaxy, maybe grab a bite.


Big loves, Gerald

Cincinnati, 1972


PS. I wish we could be floating together in the round river

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