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 A fish who drank Rum

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Regla, Cuba 2016


One lead soldier,

one avocado,

one painted mango, 

a fish,

a bottle of rum

and four poems

A fish who drank Rum


In a crossroad of “Inquisición”

I thought I smelled your perfume

Got in the boat to Regla

Following the crumbs of your scent


Standing on a specific millimeter 

Of that precious ruler

I realized that I was just chasing your ghost

An while I carved your face

By memory on a rock

A drunken fish interrupted me:


“Yuma! Buy me a bottle of rum!”


How illogical how it may sound

I bought him a bottle of “Santiago”

And with that fish I chugged that bottle

Gulp by gulp, and swig by swig


In the middle of that razzle

The scaled took a deep breath 

And pronounced these wise words:


“If skyscrapers are built,

And businessmen invade,

This bay will never change

Because this bay is a feeling

Kept in the depths or our inside

That can only be passed 

From mouth to ear,

And from hand to brother.

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