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Chinese Mangos

One day I had an epiphany.


It was the middle of March and I decided that from now on I would only enjoy Chinese Mangos.


Google Search


I ordered 42 mangos that were to fly directly to me from the city of Zhouzhuang (China).


One month later the 42 mangos arrived in a box.

On the outside it said Bananas in big yellow letters.



Relevant questions


Do mangos fly?


How are there mangos all year long when it is not mango season?


Will there be mangos in the future?

Will mangos explore the last frontier?

What does NASA think about mangos?


Are there mangos in Russia?

How many mangos does Germany consume anually? 

Who thought to put 42 plastic mangos in a box titled Bananas?

How many people conspired in doing the deed?


Was it just one?

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