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Gus and Sunny

This may be the story of two seagulls and two waiters or two seagulls who say they are waiters or maybe two waiters who pretend to be seagulls.  

Either way.


One seagull is from Detroit, for 15 years he followed the Grateful Dead.

In 15 years he lost most of his neurons.

He is what you would nowadays call a Deadhead.


The other seagull is from Suriname. 

Suriname is in between a sandwich of Guayanas.

He is a leader for the Union workers of the bay.

And even though he enjoys his Guayana sandwich, I suspect he was raised in New York.

Rumor has it he has a grandson there.


I never believed they were waiters.


There was something peculiar in the way they flapped their arms.

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